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My travel wanderlust began as a child on weekend jaunts with my
father. No destination, no schedule, see what we see. Bring back the
sights, sounds, smells, and usually some great BBQ, or farm eggs.
Giving me a pilot’s license at the ripe age of 18 was a dangerous thing.
I always knew there was a huge Earth to explore, and that I wasn’t
going to be static. From a very early age, besides flying, I had a passion
about most things powered by petrol, and later on the culinary arts,
different foods, and where they came from.

Finally making it to the airlines really opened my eyes to the world.
One of the airlines I worked for had a dedicated staff of 5 plus in the
travel department. You could call and ask about going somewhere,
and one of those travel advisors had been there, and knew exactly
where to go, and what to do. From their recommendations, every
adventure I set out upon created a lifetime of memories! They were
great! Since then, I’ve learned to find the best experiences on my own.
I had a great airline career, and hundreds if not thousands of really
good experiences along the way.

From Tortellini in Brodo in Urbino; winter F1 testing in Jerez; sitting at
a Parrilia in a market in Buenos Aires; visiting the White Cities of Spain;
street tacos in Juanajuato; watching the Petit le Mans from the pit wall;
Aperol spritz at the Stanley – just to name a few. What I’ve learned is
that travel is one of the ultimate learning tools of life. The longer you
have to experience people and places the broader your perspective is
on the world. Every place I’ve been I’ve sought out the positive, and
learned from that! We all live on this little blue dot in our solar system
– in our galaxy. Best we know as much about each other as we can.
I retired from the airlines in 2021. Evergreen, CO is home now,
forevermore. I explore the US, maybe more in the future, on my BMW
1200 GS. I still can’t cook for one (really 8), and still dream about that
creamed spinach in Maranello at the Ferrari Restaurant.

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