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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like a last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas.  In addition to financial protection, the other huge benefit of travel insurance is access to assistance services, wherever you are in the world.

Trip cancellation coverage

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you might need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance can help you recover non-refundable expenses.

Baggage delay, loss or damage

Lost luggage can be a hassle, but travel insurance can provide compensation for lost or delayed baggage, helping you replace essentials. 

Travel interruption

Your trip is interrupted after you’ve left for a covered reason. Travel insurance can reimburse the unused portion of your prepaid expenses, excluding any refunds you receive. If your trip is interrupted for a covered reason.

Emergency medical expenses

In case of illness or injury while you're away, travel insurance can cover medical expenses, ensuring you receive the care you need without worrying about the costs.

Trip delay

If your trip gets delayed due to reasons beyond your control, travel insurance can cover extra accommodation, meals, and transportation costs.

24/7 Assistance

Travel insurance often includes access to a 24/7 assistance hotline, ensuring you have support no matter where you are in the world.

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