What about Spirits like Rum, Whiskey or Tequila?    Whether you want to take the tequila train for an experience of a lifetime or to go on a whiskey tour from Japan, Scotland or Kentucky.

Intoxicating Tours & Events creates customized wine and spirit tours allowing you to explore your favorite tasting experiences anywhere in the world!Type your paragraph here.

Horseback riding through the Agave Tequila fields

Explore the world of wine and spirits! 

From Epernay France to the far-flung locations in Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and even South Africa.   Whether you’re taking a wine vacation or just want to make wine a part of the bigger vacation. We offer several different wine tours along with private customized tours.  Contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information.

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Gourmet Dinner, Wine Tasting, & Cannabis Pairings

Food, Wine, and Cannabis – all on one trip! The Sensational Fusion Experience offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to pair various gourmet foods with locally cultivated wine and Cannabis. Contact us for more information.